Catalogo Ciclo 2016

Catalogo Motorcycle Scooter 2016

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Oltre 400 container all'anno muovono i prodotti di più di 25 fornitori

Perchè scegliere RMS

RMS è attualmente un'azienda all’avanguardia all’interno del panorama italiano ed europeo
per quanto riguarda la distribuzione di ricambi ed accessori per bici e scooter.

  • Scegliere RMS significa scegliere di lavorare con un’azienda solida

    in continua espansione e già leader in campo nazionale ed europeo nella distribuzione di accessori e ricambi per il settore ciclistico e motociclistico.

  • Scegliere RMS significa scegliere il meglio del settore

    proveniente dai maggiori produttori di componentistica per i settori OEM e after market ciclo / motociclo con un servizio di assistenza e supporto al top della categoria.

  • Scegliere RMS significa poter contare su vantaggi concreti

    sia per partner e fornitori che per i clienti

Do you have this product in your catalogue?

In order to see all the catalogues and products we distribute, if you are already our dealer, please enter your reserved area where you can find all our products, your reserved conditions together with the updated product availability. If you are not our reseller yet, please fill out the form “become a dealer” in order to activate your personal account and access our B2B.

I forgot the username and password of my B2B area, what shall I do?

You can recover your username and password by clicking on “forgot your password” from your homepage.

How can I enter my reserved B2B area?

Accessing your reserved B2B area is very easy: request the authorization by entering your RMS customer code and create your own password. After this, you will receive an e-mail to the address you indicated us with the confirmation of the account activation.

Can I receive your catalogue?

You can download our catalogue on our webpage by selecting the section you are interested in and filling out the form.

How can I have a look at a RMS catalogue?

On our webpage, you can select the section you are interested in and by filling out the form you can download the RMS catalogue

Where can I find a product of Brand XX?

You can find your nearest retailer that deals with one of our brands on our webpages “motorcycle reseller list” and “bicycle reseller list” or look for one of our several resellers online.

Do you sponsor?

RMS S.p.A does not deal with sponsorship money but realizes projects of technical sponsorship in cooperation with the brands of the companies that distributes. For more information you can write to us or leave a message on our Facebook page.

What is my nearest retailer?

You can check your nearest retailer by indicating your residence on our webpages “motorcycle reseller list” and “bicycle reseller list” or look for one of our several resellers online.


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